Teaching curatorship

Teaching Curatorship Although the figure of the contemporary art curator is a relatively new feature in the world of contemporary art, it has developed and established itself very quickly. An important part of this process has been the development of an educational system for curators. There have been a growing number of curatorial schools and courses, from short workshops to full programs of graduate studies. Just as it is the case with art education, however, curatorial education seems to be a complicated issue. What can be taught and learned in such a process? Can curatorial schools transmit merely technological skills and general information or can they shape and develop one's fundamental positions and understanding of art? Are such schools merely a system of self-reproduction of the system, or do they enable their students positions that oppose conventions and routines? A number of people involved in the process of curatorial education are invited to reflect upon these and other issues.

With contributions by: Zoran Eric, Stevan Vukovic, Paul Brewer, Mercedes Vicente, Rainer Ganahl, Dominic Willsdon, Kate Fowle, Angela Vettese, Sasa Nabergoj, Catherine Hemelryk, Alice Vergara-Bastiand, Robert Fleck, Pier Liugi Tazzi, Cloe Piccoli, Teresa Gleadowe, Pip Day, Natasa Petresin, Karina Ericsson Warn, Mans Wrange, Richard Flood a.o.