Proposals for a Dedication

I have to be honest that nearly every time I pass the monument on Duwwar Al-Dakhiliyeh I imagine what an inscription on it could be; I imagine transforming it and plastering a piece of text over one side, the one facing the roundabout.

It is a recurrent thought but dismissed to stay within the confines of my imagination, not be enacted in real life (for now, at least).

Time passes.


I wake up to this breaking news on the TV station, announced by a somber female presenter:

“At approximately 5:25 AM this morning a lone masked assailant vandalized the public monument on Duwwar Al-Dakhiliyeh in central Amman.

The assailant left a note at the crime scene stating he was acting on behalf of – all the comrades of the world liberation movements – all those who injustice was brought upon by dictatorship regimes and their forces in the streets – all those peaceful and unabated protestors in the streets of Jordan."

Actually, the lone masked man and I have been secretly meeting in a dark and damp basement for the past few weeks. We sketched these possible designs as options for our action:

Option 1: To the City of Amman, embracer of freedom, resistance and hope
Option 2: From the Jordanian people, in honour of the gathering of 24 March 2011
Option 3: Here lies the remains of the Martyr Khairi Jamil, deceased on 25 March 2011 

To preserve secrecy and safety, we agreed that I should not know on what day or time the masked man would perform his subversive acts. I also did not know which sentence he would choose to place on the placard in the end.

 The lone masked assailant was never caught.

After the incident further railings were added around the monument space, and two security guards were installed on each side flanking the placard. Curiously, the slogan was not removed (perhaps he chose really good glue), thus creating a fitting and grand memorial.