Midnight Ride

Midnight Ride from Toleen Touq on Vimeo.

In this video, you can see part of a journey I take nearly everyday; from the North of Amman, Jordan where I live, to the centre of the city. The focal point of this trip is a (non-)public space called Duwwar Al-Dakhiliyeh (Interior Circle). The Duwwar is jam-packed during the day as it if offers connections to all other parts of the city. At night, it hosts an obscure but permanent police presence and several taxi drivers in wait.

For the next two months, I will be documenting my relationship to the Duwwar on this blog through words and images. This relationship has become pertinent, urgent, perhaps nearly resentful, but always imaginative, because of a series of events and reactions to them starting in March 2011. A protest, a mere 36 hours of hope and solidarity, followed by destruction, and then renovation. A fragile place with far-reaching references. Everyday I am alerted by these references and metaphors through the repeat act of passing along by car; a travel of fleeting moments unlike those of the people crowding the space.