Episode III: The Real Bridal Shower (on March 25 2011)

Gene Kelly in 'Singing in the Rain'

A mass wedding was in preparation. 

A group of armored cars had arrived a few hours earlier to make sure the brides would be transported to the wedding.

The brides had gathered together tightly on the Duwwar, on the pavement, under the bridge, physically packed together in collective ecstasy building up for the celebrations. They were murmuring, hugging, making sure each one of them was perfectly dressed.

The organizers had not forgotten the traditional bridal shower that takes place before the wedding. Men in uniform started approaching the brides. To save time and resources, they had decided to surprise the brides and employ large cannons for the occasion. Seeing the anticipation in their eyes, the leader of the ceremony blows his whistle, and water springs out.

 Oh what a magical moment!

Hundreds of excited brides, showered in public. They gathered closer together as the high-pressured water streams crashed on their bodies. Crowds around them where ululating. 

When the water stopped, it suddenly occurred to them that this was no longer what it seemed. They rushed in all directions. As they were crossing roads and jumping over the debris, they were met with those men in uniform – patting their backs with batons, attempting to dance them with maneuvered karate stunts.

 (But my friend, you were just protecting me a while ago from the flying birds!)

It took less than one hour. 

The Duwwar was cleared.

 The brides missed the wedding.

They arrived to their shelters, wet and weary. Dripping on their way, they left trails of water all the way from the Duwwar.