Episode I: The Attack of the Birds (on March 25 2011)


Still from "The Birds", Alfred Hitchcock

Protection (photo by Lina Ejeilat)

A stone (photo by Lina Ejeilat)

In the beginning, it was quiet. Intermittently throughout the day, birds would fly by over us. As the day progressed and the tension mounted, the group of counter-demonstrators (or the loyalists, as they became labelled) on the other side of the Duwwar started throwing rocks at our side of the camp. The rocks varied from the small and harmless to the medium sized and fast ones, to the large and deadly.  

Duck! Careful, careful!

The rocks stopped for a while. The birds came back.

Duck! Gasp. 

Shit, that was just a bird. 

Eventually, the crowds (with the assistance of the police) had created make-shift protection  from tents.