EPS = Emmanuel Paper System

Since 1995 Emmanuel has been developing a personal task management system using handmade notepads with US Legal Paper, which he cuts into equal sizes and bundles with bulldog clips (all black and one green). While the paper is cut in a painstakingly uniform manner, the clips differ in size as per the thickness of each notepad.

These notepads are then labelled with category titles that range from: 'Stale', 'To Laptop', 'Memory Hole', 'K', 'Deutsch', 'Ideas taking root', 'Maps Drawn', 'W' and 'Activities', to his ongoing / completed projects. These notepad titles are idiosyncratic; some serve as commentaries on the system itself, others outline moments of travel, notations on the passage of time and a fluctuating daily routine.

Emmanuel has a dull blue-grey box of archived notes, with purpose oriented categories such as: travel, food, fiction, non-fiction, art, health, watch, listen, and a special one called 'Hijacks', for those notes that are filled in by others (a system intervention). His notes are never dated. They are made on used paper - often these are 'cut-ups' of sheet music, scores, official letters, photocopied books and application forms.

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Convolution Mbira / static

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eps (a reminder to cut more paper)
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eine Kleine klangfarbenmelodie instrument called Sonde
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Satie's symphonie bureaucratique symphonie pour un homme seul symphonie mecanique
Neeraj (Gobind Ram's Son) in Delhi

"media-driven" eg early colour cinema David Bellows' theory of colour (Jacque Tati's Playtime)
truth & falsehood wrt Diane Morin
feeling layers of radio pulled back (underlay/transparency)

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electromagnetic recording? What support?
Jim Campbell "We learn how to look at these images by looking at them"

Composed with Emmanuel Madan, Berlin