Translated By

Shumon Basar and Charles Arsène-Henry

Monster Mixtape Appears

You're entered the Room

Someone handed you a black pamphlet and a pair of heavy headphones

An album track listing except there are writer's names instead of bands

You pick a random number

You go for another track, another chair, another place

Until West Vancouver where the world is ending

On the last day, words go back to print. A book is published

You're lost in a 1980s Sheraton Hotel

An Aztec spaceship in the Doha desert

It is about fiction

It is about mindscreens

One to One

Your Head is the Whole World

Fading to Black

Now in Kitakyushu you press the intercom

The track list has been mirrored, like a book you open

One became Two

It feels like night

The ghost of a forest runs through the darkened air

Adachi or Senju ?