Exhibition as a dream

There have been a lot of exhibitions and other events dealing with the issue of dreams recently. Dreams have been connected to art for a very long time. What is important, however, that they have become one of the major cultural paradigms of the last century. They are a key concept in the Freudian understanding of the unconscious, a crossing point of the personal and social, and a compromise between desires and cultural repression. Moreover, the concept of dreams has an even more obvious social dimension as 'social dreams', utopian way of thinking. In both contexts, dreams are tightly connected to curatorial work. The issue discusses the concept of dreams as it appears in the recent curatorial work, and point at the issue of the role of curator's unconscious.

With contributions by: Viktor Mazin, Valery Podoroga, Udo Kittelman, Robert Fleck, Nicolas Bourriaud, Luca Cerizza, Raimundas Malasauskas, Giacinto di Pietrantonio, D.A.E., Alia Rayyan, Maria Hlavajova, Kathrin Rhomberg, Gregor Jansen, Victor Palacios, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Jochen Volz, Pavel Pepperstein, Una Szeemann, Alicia Framis, Tobias Berger, WHW.