Last but not least! Update: Madrid

An image from Manifesta 9 Stand at Arco Madrid. 

This is the last post from my time at the online blogger residency of Manifesta Journal. It was a pleasure to start such an open process with so many possibilities. As the proposal, the Future Audience Feuilleton was based on experimenting on an online format, which would develop critical perspectives on how we consider periodicals today. The online residency deal was based on approximately two months duration, so it is enough time to develop something out of it, but still very early  to evaluate how it has functioned, but for me, it operated as a tool to re-think about art writing. I can say that Future Audience Feuilleton has mostly achieved to create an ongoing structure to hear the artists´ voices with the format, “Artist of the Week” as well as updating the reader with some notes, which are potentially related to further discussions. The blog thing is always about here and now, isn`t it? Even it is the last post, I would like to be loyal to its nature.  

Now, I am in Madrid for several days. Here; I met the Manifesta 9 desk at Arco Madrid, and got a giveaway sticker for myself. On it, this writes: “Trust me, I am an art mediator.” Then let me mediate… If you are also in Madrid, please check out the event from the project, “Radio de Acción” from Juan Canela. As he says, it is based on a series of publications where two agents —artists, curators, researchers—, without a previous direct relationship and from different contexts, develop a project under one condition: working in a collective way. ( Madrid, ARCO Contemporary Art Fair, Feb 17, friday 5:00 pm) 

For me, it was like a blind date. I never physically met Antonio (Gagliano), but we worked together -online- for one leg of these publications. Antonio made drawings that depicted a short story “Read My Mind” which was written by me, and sent to him for triggering a discussion between us. His work as a sort of cartoon-ish storyboard motivates me now to write more… 


An excerpt from “Read My Mind”:

"Openings… Whatever is hung on the walls, whatever is shown there; it is always about the people, who are there and not there, no? Who talks about the works? The installation days are much more fun. He likes visiting his artist friends when they are installing, because they are more into talking about their work, and looking for perfect solutions and answers… They are more alert and so maybe they are more interesting at that moment. Maybe they should think about how to transmit that process to their audience, but how? On the other hand, finissages... Those are always sad events for him because the shows will not be set again with the same feelings, motivations and moments –even some of them are touring. Now he needs some coffee. The Killers was playing on I-tunes... Read My Mind!"