after HUNGER, comes SHAME

After hunger, comes shame...

Do you know why?

Because, our parents love us with conditions in way and which reflect on us as education, morality and respect...

Brandon is a New Yorker-adult-man who has issues about compromises of isolation and forms of attachment. This `complicated` user status is an upper-middle-class executive manager at a plaza, where the city is reflected on glass architecture, urban culture and landscape by the sea. Music is a fight between two siblings, Brandon and his sister Sissy as a nomad singer girl -another New Yorker figure against the yuppie one.

 What is happening to yuppies today when others demonstrate at the Wall Street, and some others watch it on tv, like it on, twit…? 

 The answer is hidden at their sex culture as a clash between diminishing power of public penis and materialization/objectification of female body.