Artist & curator

Artist & Curator discusses the circumstances under which the distinctions between those who create and those who mediate, in terms of organiser, facilitator to collaborator in the creative process with the artist, have become blurred. Is curating a meta-discourse or does it exist on the same level as an art practice? What influence has institutional critique had on institutional practice? Should artists influence the structures and processes of institutions? Why, when, and how?

With contributions by: Ami Barak, Francesco Manacorda, Andrew Renton, Beti Žerovc, Huib Haye van der Werf, Jens Hoffmann, Alex Farquharson, Marieke van Hal, Viktor Misiano, Barbara Steiner, Lu Jie, Anton Vidokle, Issa Touma, Maria Rus Bojan, Janka Vukmir and Michele Robecchi.